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Cheapest and Best Ways to Get from Calgary Airport (YYC) To Banff, Lake Louise, and Jasper

Updated: May 22, 2022

Calgary Airport (YYC) is one of the busiest airports in Canada and the busiest in Alberta because of locals and travelers. In 2019, an estimate of 17 million passengers and over 230, 000 aircraft landed and left here. If you are one of the people who plan to join the population of travelers this year, traveling to Banff and Lake Louise from the airport will be your primary concerns.

We have compiled here different ways to get from Calgary Airport to Banff and Lake Louise.

Tip #1: Poparide ( CarPool Service )

A free sign-up is offered by Poparide if you choose them to transport you to your Banff or Lake Louise hotel or destination


This site boasts their user-friendliness as you simply search for rides, message available drivers, or reserve a seat, pay and you can skip the hassle of looking for rides upon arrival to the airport. You may also post a request informing drivers of your destination, and they will contact you.

Visit their page and see drivers posting their availability pickup time and date, cost per seat, and type of vehicle you’ll ride on. Drivers are rated by customers, so you can go into a little examination before picking a ride.

Their rates are pretty affordable:

Calgary to Banff - $18 to $20

Calgary to Lake Louise - $28 to $30


Be sure that you are comfortable with socializing with newly-met people and you have no trust issues as booking carpools entails these two characteristics. If you do not have the mentioned characteristics and you value your own space and privacy, you will find Poparide, not the right fit. At today's Covid-19 situation sharing ride with a complete stranger is a big risk just for the sake of saving money on your travel to the mountain. Vehicle Insurance will be under the private insurance of the car owner offering rides.

Tip#2: Banff Airporter ( Shared Shuttle Service )

Travel with class and elegance through the Banff Airporter. This ride is from the company Banff On Demand. Aside from airport transport, the company also offers Banff Sedan for private travel and events use.


Banff Airporter promises comfortable rides because of their Airporter is tech-enabled, you can work while inside it or relax because of its 110V plug-in and temperature-controlled high-back seat.

Once you book a ride with Banff Airporter, you will be asked of the specific drop-off point, and the company promises door-to-door drop-offs. Worry not of your bulky luggage and your kids traveling with you because you’ll land right in your doorways.

Their rates per person depending on the age of riders and whether it’s a one-way or return ride.

Calgary to Banff (one way): $35-$70 depending on the Age

Calgary to Banff and Banff to Calgary (round trip): $69-$138 depending on the Age


Luxury and comfort come at a price, but this is not a total disadvantage because for sure, you’ll get your money’s worth. Nonetheless, if you are traveling on a budget, Banff Sedan may not be the ride for you. Also, if travel comfort is not your main motivation in booking a ride but total adventure, we suggest that you choose another ride.

Tip#3: Brewster Express ( Shared Shuttle Service )

Brewster Express possesses 125 years of experience in transporting people around the Rockies.


Their brand new coaches are tourist-friendly. They have wide windows allowing a clear view of the environment; they are wifi capable (when the mountains allow them signal), and they also offer door-to-door drop-offs. Their rates also depend on passengers’ ages:

Calgary Airport to Banff: $36-$72

Calgary Airport to Banff and Banff to Calgary Airport (round trip): $62-$123

Calgary to Lake Louise: $50-$99

Calgary to Lake Louise and Lake Louise to Calgary: $85-$169


Brewster Express is not the ride if you are hoping for a lot of stops for picture taking. They stop only at main drop off points and major hotels where riders will go down.

Tip#4: ABest Transport and Tour Services

Skip the cab, skip the bus and take ABest Transport and Tour Services rides. ABest is recently awarded “Travelers’ Choice Best Private Transfer | Sightseeing Tour in Canada 2020” by TripAdvisor, so you can rely on them to be customer-focused.

Calgary to Banff Shuttle Service and Tour
Private Transfer and Sightseeing Tours Exclusive for Today's Traveler


ABest Transport and Tour Services offer Private Transport and Sightseeing tour, so you can enjoy privacy as you travel. The company can cater up to 12 passengers, so you can book them whether you come alone, with a companion, or with a larger group.

At today’s COVID-19 situation the last thing you want is to share a ride with other travelers coming from different parts of the world, it is not worth the risk when it comes to your safety of yourself and family. We are here to make sure that every trip is exclusive and safe for your self and your family.

ABest Transport and Tour Services are rider-driven, and their customer service sets us apart from all travel and tour companies in Alberta.

You can view client reviews on TripAdvisor about how their drivers are knowledgeable about the ins and outs of Alberta. They would give their passengers stopover to most scenic spots and even take pictures of them.

You might have heard as well that access to Lake Moraine is not that easy especially in summer peak season, but drop that worry because ABest Transport and Tour Services is a licensed tour operator and have a permit and pass to the tourist site they can enter anytime and even have their designated parking space and drop-off zone for commercial vehicles. Is there anything better than that?

The rates are starting at almost the same price as the shared shuttle. Contact us at or call 1-855-SKPDCAB

Calgary Airport to Banff (one way) – Starting at $150++ for 3 passengers


Visit TripAdvisor’s website and see ABest Transport and Tour Services’ reviews. You’ll see one saying that they booked a tour for a day, but their expectations were not met because—ABest Transport and Tour Services exceeded it.

ABest Transport and Tour Services are reputable in delivering what they promised, but do not be surprised if they give you more!

Taxis and buses are available in Calgary Airport, but they are very costly ranging from $180-$400 for Uber and $250 for a taxi.

Take a pick from our suggestions. Choose what fits your needs best. If you know other options, feel free to share it with us in the comments below.



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